With Great Power

With great power, comes great responsibility. That’s the line that struck me the most out of David Kirkpatrick’s LinkedIn post, Class of 2013: Narcissism or Altruism? In a World of Abundance, Time to Decide. Not because I’ve never heard it, but because I had never thought of it in terms of where we stand technologically, today.

It’s true that we really are fortunate to live in this country and in this time. [Some might argue that “fortunate” doesn’t have a place in hard work – which is how we got to be where we are when it comes to technology and innovation.] But with all of this knowledge, the capability to do extraordinary things, and the ability to reach even the most isolated individual, we need to make sure that we continue to learn, do extraordinarily helpful things, and truly connect with the people we reach.

So yes, we are (and should be) accountable for what we create – whether it’s an idea, an invention, or an innovation. We need to ensure that our work is used mostly for good, mostly to help, and always as a way to bring the world closer together instead of further apart. I use the word “mostly” because it’s impossible to control all of the ways a new idea, product, or technology could ever be used in the future.

But it’s also impossible to dispute the globalization of the world. And if we’re all going to be “in it” together, then we need to start acting like it. The time for selfish greed has to be over, replaced instead, by a hunger to collaborate with each other and grow smarter, faster, and stronger as one entity.

We decided to use our Gigats Question of the Day to see where our Gigats.com users stood. We asked: The enormous power of technology allows us to: A. Produce higher quality work in less time. B. More easily socialize and connect with the people who are important to us. C. Bring the world together like never before. Out of 5817 users who were polled, 38.35% (or 2231 users) chose A; 22.83% (or 1328 users) chose B; and 38.82% (or 2258 users) chose C.


And, thank goodness. I understand that 5817 is a relatively small sample of people, especially considering the poll was taken in only a 24 hour time period, but Gigats users also represent people from all over the country, from all backgrounds, cultures, religious beliefs, etc. And so I I’m encouraged by these numbers.

Another question that strikes me, though, is: How will we react to no longer being the best at things? [Again, some might argue that we never were…] But it’s a valid concern; think about it. There are tons of examples of sore losers, unwarranted self-importance, patronization, etc. Will those terms related to Americans when the “leveling” that David talks about, happens?

Let us know what you think!

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